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Khador Winter Korps: Great Bear Heavy Warjack

Khador Winter Korps: Great Bear Heavy Warjack

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While not as innovative as the lighter Dire Wolf chassis, the Great Bear sets Khador’s new standard for heavy warjacks. As physically powerful and durable as the Motherland’s last generation of heavy warjacks, the Great Bear also offers a more stable weapon platform alongside a suite of advanced optics, greatly increasing its proficiency in ranged combat. Its massive steam engine grants it the force necessary to knock aside its opposition’s heaviest machines. 

​Includes one warjack chassis, eight customizable arm options and four customizable head options.

Requires WARMACHINE Magnet Pack C, supplied separately.


  • Has the Aggressive, Bulldoze, and Heavy Boiler special rules.
  • RAT 5.
  • Its Quad Chain Gun has ROF 2d3 and the Volume Fire special rules.
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