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WARMACHINE – Courser – Cygnar Storm Legion Light Warjack (Resin) (2022-12)

WARMACHINE – Courser – Cygnar Storm Legion Light Warjack (Resin) (2022-12)

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Lighter and swifter than the Stryker, the Courser is the second of Cygnar’s new generation of warjacks to enter production. Electrically insulated to protect the machine from the sheer ambient force of its own galvanic weaponry, the Courser is a sophisticated weapon platform capable of delivering thunderous death to its warcaster’s enemies. 

Includes one warjack chassis, eight customizable arm options and four customizable head options.

Requires WARMACHINE Magnet Pack B, supplied separately.


  • The Courser possesses the Shield Guard special rule.
  • The Courser possesses Immunity: Electricity and cannot be Disrupted. 
  • On a critical hit, the Courser’s POW 14 sword knocks down models without Immunity: Electricity.
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