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Horus Heresy

Horus Heresy: Special Weapons Upgrade Set

Horus Heresy: Special Weapons Upgrade Set

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This plastic upgrade kit can be used to equip Legionaries from the MKVI Tactical Squad set with powerful special weapons, suitable for use in a Legion Tactical Support Squad.

The kit includes:
10 flamers
10 plasma guns
10 meltaguns
10 rotor cannons
10 volkite chargers
10 volkite calivers

All these extra bits will allow you to upgrade up to three full MKVI Tactical Squad sets into six Tactical Support Squads of 10 models, or 12 units of five models. The kit includes five slightly different designs for each type of special weapon, ensuring your Legionaries will remain distinct when massed on the battlefield.

This upgrade kit comprises 100 plastic components and is designed to be assembled with the MKVI Tactical Squad set, which is sold separately. These components are supplied unpainted and require assembly.

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