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Warhammer 40,000

Adeptus Mehcanicus: Skorpius Disintegrator/Dunerider

Adeptus Mehcanicus: Skorpius Disintegrator/Dunerider

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This model can be assembled as either a Skorpius Disintegrator or a Skorpius Dunerider.
The Skorpius Disintegrator bears a ferrumite cannon or a voltaic belleros energy cannon, in addition to its flanking pair of cognis heavy stubbers, and prow-mounted disruptor missile launcher. Its primary turret weapon is manned by a Servitor gunner that has been hard-wired into the weapon for optimal performance.

The Skorpius Dunerider is a Dedicated Transport vehicle for Skitarii infantry. It can be assembled with a crewman set in the second rear cupola, or with its hatch closed. The disembarkation ramp is designed to be moveable so it can be opened or closed during a game, though it can be glued in place if desired.

The multipart plastic kit is comprised of 104 components. It can be assembled with a crewman set in one rear cupola, or with both hatches closed.

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