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A Song of Ice and Fire

Baratheon: Thorn Watch

Baratheon: Thorn Watch

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When it comes to war, House Baratheon deigns to have the most defensive troops on the field. From the heavy barding of their cavalry to the thick plate of their troops, even the House’s archers are kitted out with heavier armor than some other House’s medium troops. These Thorn Watch, as they’re called, are even trained in the use of longswords, making them one of the best melee-fighting ranged units in Westeros.

The Thorn Watch unit box gives House Baratheon players a new ranged unit for their forces.

Primarily a ranged unit, the Thorn Watch punishes enemies who dare come into range of their heavy crossbows.

The Thorn Watch have chain mail augmented by plate and are trained in the use of a longsword, so while melee is not the best place for them, the Thorn Watch can hold their own.

Not a standalone product. A copy of any of the Song of Ice and Fire Baratheon Starter set is required to play
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