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Kill Team: Killzone Gallowdark

Kill Team: Killzone Gallowdark

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This kit comprises 180 plastic components, with which you can build:
- 1x Gallowdark modular terrain set, comprising 34 terrain pieces:
– 4x Short Walls with Hatchway and Pillars (2 different designs)
– 2x Short Walls with Hatchway
– 2x Long Walls with Hatchway and Pillars
– 2x Long Walls with Hatchway
– 2x Long Walls with Pillars
– 2x Long Walls
– 2x Short Walls
– 16x Pillars
– 2x Wall Ends

- 20x Killzone: Into the Dark terrain pieces:
– 2x Overhead Pipes
– 2x Broken Pipes
– 2x Power Panels
– 2x Control Panels
– 2x Tanks
– 2x Pipes
– 2x Dynamos
– 6x Into the Dark Barricades

1x double-sided game board: Set up your terrain on this folding cardboard game board measuring 704mm x 607mm, depicting the battle-scarred deck plating of a space hulk on both sides.

The contents of this set are supplied unassembled and unpainted.
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