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Warhammer: Age of Sigmar

Disciples of Tzeentch: Curseling Eye of Tzeentch

Disciples of Tzeentch: Curseling Eye of Tzeentch

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This multipart plastic kit builds one Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch – a powerful warrior melded with a daemonic entity. This eyeless Tretchlet erupts from the Curseling's exposed flesh with a mane and tail of extravagant feathers, its twisted arms wielding a sorcerous staff and gripping its host's head as though directing their gaze. The Curseling's ornate armour is a testament to their martial skill, featuring delicate scales and Tzeentchian eye-symbols, with a curved blazing sword held ready in their remaining hand.

This kit comprises 10 plastic components, and is supplied with a Citadel 32mm Round Base. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly.
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