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A Song of Ice and Fire

Neutral: Bolton Cutthroats

Neutral: Bolton Cutthroats

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While simply armored and lightly armed, House Bolton Cutthroats enjoy a reputation for brutality and cold efficiency that allows them to take on enemies with far more expensive armaments. Their spikes maces can easily dispatch enemies, but are more effective for their disabling strikes. Downed fores are simple to dispatch with a very sharp knife, or, worse for the opponent, taken prisoner to suffer a much more agonizing fate.

-Cutthroats can serve as either center troops or flankers with equal ease, though they're less effective against heavy infantry.

-A neutral unit, meaning it can be added to most houses' armies

-Beautifully detailled miniatures

-Not a standalone, requires to be added to a starter set of the song of ice and fire miniatures game
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