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Ammo Mig: Ammo Wargaming Universe - Distant Steppes

Ammo Mig: Ammo Wargaming Universe - Distant Steppes

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With this set of Distant Steppes, it is easy to represent various types of areas including cracked terrain or sparce and barren landscapes, imitate the dust effects typical of steppe areas, as well as integrate and blend figures with the terrain. To add the final touch, some stones, grass and bushes to imitate the vegetation typical in these extreme and rugged climates should be placed.

AMMO provides you the materials, your brushes and imagination will do the rest.

Included colors in this Set:

A.MIG-6921 AMMO WARGAMING UNIVERSE. Book. Distant Steppes
A.MIG-2152 Light Earth Ground
A.MIG-3004 PIGMENT Europe Earth
A.MIG-0616 DRYBRUSH Light Sand
A.MIG-8803 Late Summer – 4mm
A.MIG-8454 Ground Palms
Grey Stone Cork Bag Grey Stone
A.MIG-2031 Ultra Glue - for Etch, Clear Parts & More (Acrylic Waterbase Glue)
A.MIG-1403 Earth EFFECTS
A.MIG-0853 SHADER Dirt
A.MIG-8416 Early Autumn
A.MIG-2018 Enamel Odourless Thinner (35mL)
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