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AK Interactive Standing Water

AK Interactive Standing Water

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Content: 180ML (120 resin + 60 hardener). Contains 2 syringes. 

This is a two-component colored resin with low odor, intended to simulate standing water in sceneries, dioramas, etc.
The resin and hardener come in separate bottles with dispensing nozzles. Two syringes are included in the box.

Mixing ratio is 2:1. The curing process depends on the resin layer and the ambient temperature and usually takes about 24 hours.
The components should be mixed thoroughly, stirring the mixture. It is advisable to avoid stirring during the process to avoid the generation of air bubbles that will be trapped. Pour in an enclosed space without cracks to contain the liquid. Recommended thickness up to 5cm. 
Instructions and guide are included in the box

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