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A Song of Ice and Fire

Lannister: Pyromancers

Lannister: Pyromancers

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Réaprovisionnement sur commande.What does it mean?

When in war, a Commander must take advantage of all of the technology at their disposal. Minor breakthroughs can provide a slight edge on the battlefield, but when a discovery like Wildfire is made, it’s enough to turn the tide of a conflict.

-Lannister Commanders will be able to take advantage of Wildfire, a volatile, green liquid that sticks to armor and burns the flesh inside.

-Wildfire can be launched at Short Range and Defenders are unable to roll Defense Saves against it. These Vicious Attacks also cause Defenders to suffer -2 to Panic Tests.

-The Pyromancers Unit Box comes with 12 pre-assembled miniatures in three different sculpts.

-Not a standalone product. A copy of the Song of Ice and Fire Lannister Starter set is needed to play
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