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A Song of Ice and Fire

Free Folk: Frozen Shore Chariots

Free Folk: Frozen Shore Chariots

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Those that live south of the Wall think that the Wildings living beyond it are nothing but primitive savages, not capable of utilizing any kind of advanced engineering in combat. That is, however, very much not the case. While their Frozen Shore Chariots aren’t the most sturdy of constructs, they work well enough to usher those bold enough to ride them into battle.

The Frozen Shore Chariot Box Set gives Free Folk Players a new warmachine for their army.

The Frozen Shore Chariots are a high-speed option for the Free Folk faction. An offensive powerhouse, players will do well to keep them on the move, not letting them get bogged down with enemy troops.

Like cavalry models, this unit can make a free Maneuver Action at the start of its activation, letting it get into position for one of its deadly charges

Not a standalone product. A copy of any of the Song of Ice and Fire Freefolk Starter set is required to play
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