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A Song of Ice and Fire

Stark: Tully Cavaliers

Stark: Tully Cavaliers

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The alliance between House Tully and House Stark is one of the strongest in Westeros. The two have been taking to the field together for generations. In its darkest hour, House Stark knows it can rely on House Tully to be there, sending their best troops to engage the enemy. And those best troops are arguably the Tully Cavaliers, some of the most resilient and well-trained cavalry units in the land.

-This unit rolls six dice when at full ranks and gains several bonuses when charging, including: 3 extra dice, Critical Blow, and Sundering.

-With their Embolden ability they grants other friendly units within Short Range a +1 to their Morale test rolls

-This unit's Defense Save is a very sturdy 3+ and their Morale is a 5+ making it sturdy enough to survive should their charge fail - which is rarely does

-Not a standalone product. A copy of the Song of Ice and Fire Stark Vs Lannister starter set is needed to play

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