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AK Interactive: Airbrush Basic Line 0.3mm

AK Interactive: Airbrush Basic Line 0.3mm

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A new basic airbrush that will allow the modeler to perform detail work with ease and maximum precision. Thanks to its 0.3mm nozzle and needle you can spray the paint with total control. Our airbrush is easy to clean and maintain. The basic line airbrush is perfect for beginners and all modelers who want a strong airbrush that offers good performance at an economical price.
lt is presented in an attractive box which includes a cleaning tool, a wrench to disassemble the nozzle and two different tip pieces.

  • Double action airbrush / gravity feed.
  • 0.3mm nozzle.
  • Adjustable stop for needle recoil.
  • Components made of resistant and strong materiaIs.
  • 1/8 air hose connection.


*Hose is not included with this model.

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