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Mercenary: Prisoner 102822

Mercenary: Prisoner 102822

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​Now known only by her designation as a convict since all record of her existence was lost during the recent troubles, 102822 was sentenced to serve the Khadoran Empire as a Doom Reaver for her transgressions committed while serving within the Winter Guard. Over time, 102822 began to manifest a rare degree of control over the fellblade that she bore, enabling her to slip from the arcane control her Greylord masters held over her. As a result, 102822 was able to flee from the front lines in Llael, where she was bound to die at the vanguard of some fruitless assault. Slipping over the border into Ios, she was captured by agents of the Retribution, who had use for the living weapon 102822 had become. With the return of the Orgoth, she has been unleashed once more on the lands of Khador, where she has been abandoned to hunt the ancient enemy, sowing death and chaos wherever she wanders. 


  • Works for the Dusk House Kallyss and Khador Winter Korps.
  • Possess the Blood-Quenched, Hyper-Aggressive, and Killing Spree special rules.
  • Like any good Doom Reaver, 102822 also has the Advance Deployment advantage.
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