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Mercenary: Maulgreth, the Charnel Plague

Mercenary: Maulgreth, the Charnel Plague

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​His name was lost to memory during the Orgoth Scourge at the end of the last invasion when the defeated host sought to obliterate every record of their passing, down to the very stones of their grim temples and towering obsidian fortresses. For centuries Maulgreth, once amongst the greatest of the Orgoth warlords of that past age, waited, his unearthly rage contained only by the silence of his forlorn tomb. Now released from both his long confinement and his virtual obscurity by the warwitches accompanying a new Orgoth war host on their invasion of Immoren, the deathless Maulgreth has risen once more to strangle the world of humanity and to bring ruin to those who would defy him. Neither truly Orgoth nor wholly an avatar of death, Maulgreth acts as a sovereign lord, sometimes serving his kinsmen and sometimes entreating with the most foul eldritch of the Cult of Nyrro.


  • Works for the Dusk House Kallyss and Orgoth Sea Raiders armies.
  • Powerful undead melee combatant with Cleave, Defensive Strike, Grievous Wounds, Life Drinker, and Weapon Master special rules.
  • An Orgoth of old, Maulgreth is both undead and cannot be targeted by spells.​
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