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Mercenary: Madam Moriarty

Mercenary: Madam Moriarty

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Madam Moriarty is a powerful gatorman bokor and spirit weaver. Once a rival of Barnabas and the Blindwater Congregation, she was forced from the traditional territories of her people when he attained godhood. She has since haunted the less-civilized ports of Immoren seeking her fortunes. A whisperer to the dead, she is often sought for her talents from those in this life…and the next.


  • Madam Moriarty will work for the Brineblood Marauders as well as a forthcoming army.
  • Powerful spellcaster with the ability to collect souls.
  • Madam Moriarty can use her magic to manipulate the die rolls of both friendly and enemy models.
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