Restocked on Purchase - How does it work?

Restocked on Purchase - How does it work?

This section is to help new and unfamiliar customers better understand the process behind the orders you are making with us. By far the most frequent question we get is concerning our Restocked on Purchase process, and it is one of the most unique thing about how we deal with orders.

The gist of it is:
An item marked as restocked on purchase, is an item that is not currently in store, but that we can order from our suppliers on demand*. Meaning that once you purchase this item, we will make sure that it is added in our resupply chain and delivered to you in the shortest delays possible.

*with a some exceptions, more on that further down

You can think of it as a pre-order and/or reservation, but for any item from our web catalogue that aren't in stock at the exact moment of your order.

Why work this way?
This method of taking orders is to ensure the smoothest procedure for both you and our team. That way you can have any item that you want to have specially order, without having to contact the store and wait for our response. This also means that we can process everyone's orders faster because we do not have to manually handle every restock request.

How long does it take for such items to come in?
Generally speaking, we order at least once a week from each of our main suppliers, and we receive the stock within a week. So in the worst case scenario where your RoP items are ordered just after our resupply has been issued, you would wait a week for your request to join the next order, and one more week for it to come in.

What are the exceptions mentioned earlier?
As we do not have a way to connect our product base directly to our suppliers inventories, sometimes items will go on backorder and remain purchasable on the website. What we do is, if you place an order for a RoP item that is on backorder, we will send an email notification to your account asking wether you want to keep the order as is and wait for the item to return in stock, or if you prefer to remove/replace the item from the order instead.

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